November 29, 2015

A Call for Exchange Neutrality

Imagine a world where access to data used by seekers and providers of goods, services and information is inherently biased. Would you enter into an exchange where you know that there is censorship and unequal access to price, rating, and supply and demand indices? Without the free flow of factual information on which decisions are based, a state of exchange bias rather than exchange neutrality constitutes the state of affairs.

In this white paper, we argue that the free flow of information relevant to exchanges constitutes a “public good”, as defined by economists. We then discuss what we believe is the coming breakthrough in the availability of exchange-related information through the vehicle of online search. Finally, we call for exchange neutrality, a state where all participants can exchange goods, services and information freely and fairly, and argue that free access to exchange-related information is a key component of exchange neutrality.

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