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Greg believes that making a dent in the universe starts with insights rather than mere ideas about how the world could and more importantly should be. When combined with teams that can execute and adapt to setbacks, anything and everything is possible. Funding is just gas in the tank, and good advisory participation is just turbo-charging for a company that is well conceived and crafted.

Greg’s background spans private, public and not-for profit sectors. His work taking his own startup public (Dispatch Management Services) on the Nasdaq is book ended with time at Booz Allen, Promontory, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. Leadership time includes working at Outward Bound and the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Some of the proceeds earned from his early work were spent backing folks in his own startups when they set

out on their own, and this has led to positions in Shift Payments and Grand Junction of late, but Twitter and Square before. Greg has also been an advocate for open and equal access to public data and led a long fight on behalf of 3taps to ensure that firms like Craigslist play fair when it comes to user rights and competition in the marketplace. Philanthropic priorities on Greg’s part are centered on the good work the Electronic Frontier Foundation is doing in the realm of copyright law and the abuse of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

Going forward, Greg wants to see a world in which seekers and providers can find one another and transact with less and less friction, and a healthy balance between security, privacy and trust. Innovators that blaze a path to this future state of the world catch the attention of Greg and the Hard Yaka team.

Jun Hiraga , Partner

Jun Hiraga is co-founder and CEO of Synthetic Liquidity. Prior to Synthetic Liquidity, Jun was a managing director at two top-tier investment banks (UBS & Merrill Lynch/Bank of America), where he held executive roles managing institutional sales and trading.

He has extensive experience in the capital markets and has had supervisory, regulatory and risk oversight in the financial services sector.

Margaret Slemmer , Partner

Margaret comes from the traditional banking space and has over two decades of experience handling bank-regulatory matters from a variety of perspectives: as a regulator, banker, legal analyst, and consultant. In 2007, Margaret met Greg Kidd at Promontory Financial Group (“Promontory”). Over the following seven years, they worked together on a number of engagements focusing on the safety and soundness issues facing the banks during the mortgage crisis.

More generally, Margaret assisted clients (e.g. banks and fintech companies) with corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and risk management.  She helped clients understand and meet regulatory expectations and respond to examination findings and enforcement actions. Additionally, she spent time conducting investigations regarding global AML-related issues.

Fae Nageon de Lestang , Operations

Fae’s dynamic background has allowed her to thrive at creative problem solving and working in collaborative team environments. Her experience has spanned from working with public-private partnerships 

to project management of large scale events focused on community outreach and engagement. She is both honored and excited to work with the Hard Yaka Team.